Uterus Infertility Did You Know That You Can Still Get Pregnant?

Published: 20th May 2010
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There are various causes for a woman not being able to conceive and one of the most common is uterus infertility where there is abnormal formation of the uterus or some anomalous growths.

Uterus infertility counts for a large percentage of infertility in women and this article will explore the five conditions that lead to uterus infertility.

1. Uterine Polyps: The formation of polyps can cause infertility as they prevent the fetus to develop. Even if there is fertilization, there is subsequent miscarriage because of the lack of space for the fetus to develop.

2. Myomas: The myomas are space occupying lesions inside the uterus. They are also called fibroids as they are a fibrous mass of tissue that is present in the uterus wall. Though myomas are not malignant, they cab be surgically removed.

3. Endometrial Lining: If the lining of the uterus is too thick or too thin this may lead to infertility.

4. Intrauterine Adhesions or Asherman's Syndrome: This is a syndrome where scar tissues form inside the uterus. The scar could be a result of bleeding inside the uterus or the presence of tissue that has not been emitted.

5. Malformations: Bicornuate uterus and a T shaped uterus are the common malformations. The change in the shape can lead to decreased chances of fertilization and furthermore the fetus may not have enough space to grow.

The diagnosis of uterus infertility starts with physical examination where the physician investigates the presence of abnormalities and also collects the history. Furthermore a scan is done using an ultrasound probe which captures the image of the internal uterine walls.

Abnormal conditions of the uterus affect a large percentage of women, fibroids impinging on 50% of females, but the good news is that uterus infertility can be treated in most cases and a woman can still get pregnant and have a child.

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